The Open University is involved in language projects including:

  • RESEARCHING MULTILINGUALLY Creating a research network through which to better understand complexities and opportunities when researching multilingually.
  • The eFeedback Evaluation project. JISC-funded. Here is the link to it on the JISC website.
  • Intent  An Erasmus Multilateral project promoting virtual intercultural exchange between university classrooms in Europe and beyond
  • MAGICC  An  ERASMUS multilateral project to integrate multilingual and multicultural academic communication competences as learning outcomes at BA and MA levels.
  • Performing Languages A Grundtvig Partnership project for amateur theatre groups, drama trainers and language teachers (France, Italy, Spain, UK). Explores intercultural communication through drama and language.
  • DOTS  Developing Online Teaching Skills (Bite-size training for language professionals).
  • Vivre en Aquitaine.
  • LITERALIA  Learning In Tandem to Encourage Reciprocal Autonomous Learning In Adults
  • Intercultural Communication
  • fOUndit a site for collecting and rating online resources relevant to Open University courses.
  • LORO resources for language teaching available to download and reuse.

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